Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad,
My gentle father with your quick wit and dry sense of humor. Your beginnings were humble and remained that way throughout your life and you used it as a testimony of learning to be happy whatever your circumstance. No fancy bassinet for you but rather a drawer from a chest of drawers; born as a tiny twin along with your sister. I wish I could ask if it was one of the drawers from the chest I now have. Why didn't I think to ask that when the story was told over and over?

Thank you for passing onto me a love of family history and stories of the community we live in. Thank you for setting the example of doing well in school. I could never imagine leaving my family as you did and living with another just to be able to attend high school.
Thank you for your service to our country in WWII in the South Pacific. And again for the many stories of that time of your life including the one where you sent the same letter to three girls back home and Mom was the only one to answer. You rascal. I was never sure weather to believe that one. But I will always remember the look between the two of you when "Sentimental Journey" was played.
Thank you for your work ethic and again the example you set by getting up everyday and going off to work without complaining.
So many more thankyous. Maybe a few more on your birthday. Most of all thank you for your faith and allowing God to work through you so that I could learn to know and trust Him too.
What I wouldn't give for one more toothless smile as I turned the corner into your room.

Your loving Daughter

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