Thursday, June 17, 2010

So here I am venturing into Blogland to share my little corner of the world at Muldoon. exhale(well that wasn't so hard) I discovered this wonderful avenue of expression a couple of weeks ago and have peeked into many, many blogs and stayed for a visit at several. Then last Saturday I stopped by at Bella Della Farm and when I laughed out loud at 'date night' I knew I had found a whole new world to explore and enjoy. What better way to get acquainted than by sharing a few photos just to say hello. Lucy wanted to be a part of my new adventure too. I looking forward to posting a little of this and that every day or so and hope that my little corner of the world will brighten someone else's too.
Light Tomorow with Today
---Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Thank you for stopping by and sharing my ventures in photos. I look forward to every comment and especially discovering your Blogs with their wonderful photos, conversation and words of wisdom and encouragement.
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