Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blauw Maandag

I'm joining Smiling Sally for Blauw Maandag which is Dutch for Blue Monday. Friends in the Netherlands please correct me if I'm wrong.

Some of my family tree grew from the Netherlands and in honor of them I have a small collection of things that remind me of their roots. Most have windmills on them.

This is a postcard that I found at a large flea market held in Hazen, PA

This little lady doesn't exactly follow the color scheme but she was a gift from my grandmother when I was a little girl.

This little salt and pepper couple may not hail from Holland but they make me think of there.

Just a tiny bell

and Salt and Pepper Shakers The original contents of these tins escapes me at the moment but my mother and I both received them and I really like the decoration. They have a satiny serface that is nice too. So there you have my share of blue for Blauw Maandag. Everyone is waiting for you over at Smiling Sally. Hurry on over.

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