Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunnyside of life. And everybody deserves a little sunshine
---Jeffrey Glassberg

Being tired of the beach theme this spring it all started with this shower curtain and it's brightly colored butterflies.
Next came this dainty little wreath with yet another butterfly.And then browsing around the craft store I spied these airy butterflies on thin wiresand suddenly they were landing
A few even fluttered across the miles to my office

Have you found your butterfly today?

Friday, June 18, 2010


Posted my 1st blog last night (as you can see : ) and there are many more already forming in my head. Hmm, this could be a real balancing act. I tend to get all caught up in my new ventures but I still have an office to go too. But that's o.k. because organizing is one of my favorite pasttimes and that goes for my time as well.

Oh well, "I'll think about that tomorrow". As for today, I took off the morning to go garage saling. Here is what I found at GW on my lunch hour earlier this week.

For some reason 'add image' isn't working at the moment so the before picture of the bench will have to wait. I spied it on way to the check-out and decided $10 was o.k for the great condition it is in, and very sturdy. Imagine my delight when I got home and found a yardsale or flea market ticket hanging from one leg that said 'bench-$55.00'---YEA!!!

Off to make my shopping list and hit the road.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So here I am venturing into Blogland to share my little corner of the world at Muldoon. exhale(well that wasn't so hard) I discovered this wonderful avenue of expression a couple of weeks ago and have peeked into many, many blogs and stayed for a visit at several. Then last Saturday I stopped by at Bella Della Farm and when I laughed out loud at 'date night' I knew I had found a whole new world to explore and enjoy. What better way to get acquainted than by sharing a few photos just to say hello. Lucy wanted to be a part of my new adventure too. I looking forward to posting a little of this and that every day or so and hope that my little corner of the world will brighten someone else's too.
Light Tomorow with Today
---Elizabeth Barrett Browning