Saturday, July 17, 2010

Joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday

Remember the tiny little waists in old time pictures. I think the chore of rug beating may have helped keep them that way. When I look at these I see long sleeves rolled up and hair escaping from buns and a look that says 'bare floors are best'.
Just as today's vacuums each have their own style for better performance so did these of old. The one on the left belonged to my grandmother on my mother's side. The one on the right I bought at a flea market. It is probably the 'classiest' of my collection.
This one belonged to my grandmother on my father's side.

I'm not sure where I got this one but I'm thinking it was another flea market find.

The design of this one is called batwing and it is quite sturdy with a spring action. I'm sure the ladies of days gone by found it to be quite an improvement.

Now why do you think I find it so hard to pull out my modern vacuum with all its bells and whistles? I should jump for joy at the chance to use it considering the alternatives shown here.

Have you posted your vintage thingie yet? I'll be lookin for you at Suzanne's

A Few Favorites Collected Along the Way

Some of My Favorite Things are all you wonderful bloggers.
Today I'm linking with Laurie for A Few of My Favorite Things.
Many years ago my grandmother had a tapestry purse and I fell in love with it. These are a few tapestry items I have acquired along the way.

Many hours of reading and relaxation are a favorite part of my porch swing

I'll admit to a few naps out there too : ).
How could these two not be favorites---what a pair they are!!
This was Lucy's choice of position.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Collecting from a Man's point of view

Time for Vintage Thingy Thursday with Suzanne.

If you like a lodge feel you will love my RP's (resident pescator aka resident retired gardner ) decor in our family room. This is just one corner. The whole room reflects the nature in our area. (the piece of driftwood in the corner reminds us of a great blue heron)

These are few of his antique lures and the wooden pieces were made by my grandfather. And here is a row of collectable reels. The wooden boxes at the bottom were handmade by another fisherman to hold his reels and his brother passed them onto the RP.

Here is an old bait bucket and a couple vintage fishing licenses
More lures.
A vintage tackle box.
and a collectable wooden bobber.
Note the theme lampshade and the boat says Jet Craft and has a patent#. It originally would have had a motor attached at the back powered by baking soda.
And the most vintage of all; the RP himself about 30 years ago. His passion is still ice fishing. And yes I sometimes go along. His mustache is a slightly different color in my profile picture : ).
If you enjoyed these pictures half as much as he loves the sport, my goal was met.

EDITED to say: The round things on top of the wooden boxes are dried chestnuts from that place where Suzanne says there are bears---Yellowstone.
Be sure to visit Suzanne for other great Vintage Thingies

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mid week Blooms

Linking with A Southern Daydreamer for "Outdoor Wednesday"

This plate rack wiggled into my flea market tote a couple weeks ago but there was no where for it to take up residence inside. Not to worry. These petunias were just waiting to hop on board.

There was a discussion on the radio today about roller coasters and that's what this planter reminds me of. Leaning over and holding on for dear life but it won't take them long to stretch right up to the sun.

Most of what shows up here for outdoor posting is the result of my RRG (resident retired gardener) Even his woodshed deserved a bright spot this summer.

Another idea for this season was to replace a row of hosta with this brightly colored coleus. It's coming along nicely. This picture reminds me of high school art class and learning about perspective.

The coneflowers are wearing their brightly colored skirts quite boldly.

And yes, those are mildweed too. After all in the end a weed is just a misplaced flower.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, I'll pass them on to the RRG when he isn't off pescating. Ah, the life of the retired. Someday I'll know too.

Blue is Beautiful

I may be too late for Blue Monday
but if you stop by here be sure and go there to breath in all the relaxing blue.

This blue beauty may have come from GW. I've had it several years. It doen't show in the photo but the glass itself has a linen texture. I'm not sure if it was orginally an ash tray or if the edge is just curved for style but I love it.
Last year it was filled with these shells.

You can see in the background of the next photo that this year it houses a tall candle.

My hubby brought this vase home a couple years ago from a yard sale. It's not something that I may have bought but now that its here I think it's very pretty. It seems I need to be a little more open minded.

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