Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Daily Patriotic Reminders Here and There

As I was contemplating my Veteran's Day Post Veteran's Day 2014 it occurred to me that daily patriotic reminders abound atMuldoon
thanks to the retired Vet who lives here.
Way up high
and Way down low at Lucy's eye level
Even everyday essentials

Clutter Alert: The following pics are in the RG's domain over which I have very little say so ; )
I guess his theme on this beam is 'trains, planes & automobiles'.
Stored decos for American holidays.
 And things that simply bloom where they're planted.
Does he use this for paying his taxes?
 It doesn't spin stuck up there.
Maybe it reminds him of summer breezes.
 O.K. so this tote landed here by my own doing but it won't be hard to find when I want it.
Yep, daily reminders of our freedom are a good thing.