Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love of Tapestry

The word tapestry derives from Old French,
meaning "to cover with heavy fabric".

It would seem that 'tapestry' is
woven (pun accidental) into my collections.
Here are Four Tapestry Thrifting Finds

 And these two are for Traveling
This one carries my thrifting funds.
This one carries my trusty Kodak.
This one carries my mp3 player.

And this one is for whatnots.

This one's travels span two generations.
This one awaits it's maiden voyage.
Something that encourages me is this
We see the underside of our
 life's tapestry from below. God sees
our life's completed tapestry from above.

My Memory Art six word fridays



  1. These are so so lovely! I ADORE the mixing of 'history' and newness. Love that the dear old tapestry hold new fangled objects. And I was going to say that I loved the bag that has made many journeys....until I saw the next one! Can't choose!

  2. Such pretty bags and that quote at the end is so true.


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