Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nature Notes 052615

Libellula incesta, the slaty skimmer, is a dragonfly of the skimmer family, native to eastern United States and southern Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Adults are 5.28 cm (2.08 in) long. Mature males are dark blue with black heads. Females and juveniles have brown abdomens with a darker stripe down their backs. Adults fly from June to August.

First of these I've seen.



  1. love to see the skeeter eaters. :)

  2. Pretty dragonfly, lovely capture!

  3. I think they are pretty. I haven't seen one yet!

  4. Oh great macro detail and information. I love to watch for ODES. I got a quick look at one damsel fly, but not enough to make an identification. Thank you for linking up with Nature Notes. Happy to have you Gayle.... Michelle..... My iPad corrected damselfly into two words.... Technology.... Sigh

  5. What a gorgeous creature. The detailed wings are so fragile looking.


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