Monday, May 18, 2015

Standing Guard

 "Am I perturbed? You bet I am."
"Hey, Hey you. Scram; preferably underground."
"That's how you take care of that situation."
and the chipmunk did go underground; too fast for a photo.
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  1. Hello Gayle, cute captures of the sparrow.. I guess he did not like the chipper? Have a great day!

  2. No question about who owns this nesting box! :)

  3. too cute! go, spunky sparrow, go!

  4. Just popped by to thank you for visiting my blog and to say hello. I must tell you that I got a big smile when I saw this post. I would have been growling, too. Our pet peeve critters are the squirrels. They gnaw the openings on our birdhouses, and we are always growling about it..

  5. I love the dialogue and the adorable bird.

  6. Defend your turf little bird! Good for you.

  7. Way to get tough sweet little birdie! I wish my birdie would have scared away what ever it was that ate her eggs! Just took the wreath and nest down today. : (

  8. Oh yes, those house sparrows won't take any guff from anyone.. Cute series for Nature Notes.. Happy to have you... Michelle


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