Saturday, June 13, 2015

They aren't all Monarchs

Life was meant to be lived.
Curiosity must be kept alive.
---Eleanor Roosevelt
Edit: Butterflies are becoming like Family Research. Just when you think you found a link,
 up pops other information ;)
This is probably a Comma rather than a Question Mark based on the light comma shaped marking
in the center of the underwing.
Up until recently I would have said
all orange butterflies fluttering by were Monarchs.
Isn't learning fun?
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  1. Butterflies and mosaic! I had to buy a butterfly field guide. There are so many species of butterflies. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. That's a beautiful looking butterfly.

  3. i like the commas and the question marks, too. a new link-up began today...

  4. I wouldn't have known that either. I need a bunch of new field guides. Butterflies and flowers .... Good on you for doing the research. I'm lazy on it and need to improve .. Eleanor Rvis right (as she most always was).

  5. strange, the upper part of the butterfly looks like one we have, But not the lower part :)

  6. Guess what, I have the same butterfly at my place! I'm calling it a Comma, the easy way to tell is 3 vs. 4 spots on the upper dorsal wings.


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