Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend Butterfly - Pearly Eye

Pearly Eye
satyr butterfly, also called brown , a group of delicate butterflies in the family Nymphalidae  that are abundant during summer months in the woods and grasslands of the United States and Europe. Adult butterflies have brown wings with a span of 5 to 6 cm (2 to 2.4 inches) and conspicuous circular markings on them. These false “eyes” on the wings may serve to frighten or distract predatory birds.
Some of the best-known satyrs are pearly-eye butterflies. Northern pearly-eyes (E. anthedon) are found mainly in the northeastern region of the United States and in Canada, from central Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia.
Weekend Butterfly


  1. Thanks for the visit and link up!

  2. Lovely butterfly! I ran across them when I was hunting for the i.d. to the Wood-nymph.

  3. Pretty butterfly, great sighting and photo. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. even though it is not colorful, it is beautiful. a nice peak at the details in this up close image!!!!


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