Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Week of the Turkey Vulture

Lucy and I took a jaunt to the lake in the hope of seeing 'our pal'  the osprey and we weren't disappointed.

On our usual country road return we experienced our second vulture encounter of the week

The Loretta Young Show
(some may need to dig deep to remember Loretta and her mink coat)
 And then the fashion runway display began

 Then she tried to lead me away from her feast.
 'Well if you're not leaving, I am'



  1. i like these birds and their black vulture cousins, too.

  2. Excellent!!! And yep, I didn't have to Google Loretta Young....
    I know who she was, and always admired her flair!!

  3. Awesome captures of the Turkey Vultures! Their wing span is so large, they are amazing in flight.

  4. Wow! Great raptors! And yes I remember the Loretta Young Show! I loved her...had paperdolls of her! :-) Thanks for your comment about the Cooper's Hawks...we're having a ball here as the backyard floor show continues...


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