Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday 102815 and Wildbird Wed.

Wednesday the 28th would have been my Mother's 91st birthday so I thought I would share photos of her favorite son-in-law; or as she would fondly tell him 'he was her only son-in-law'.

It's post fishing tournament fishing season which now allows for my favorite kind of fishing - shore fishing. Much more calm and non competitive.

The sun rose on a cool October Saturday morning atMuldoon.

Off we went to the State Park with just enough breeze to be pleasant. Hoping for a good catch of panfish; perch, crappie and bluegill. They will be donated to a local American Legion for their upcoming Fish Fry.

Packin' a Rod n Reel
Tie the hook on securely.
Cast your line.
Bring them in.
While the RG practices his craft I wonder around
enjoying the field of view with my camera.
This is the waterfowl observation I often mention.
All decked out for Fall.
Time to head to another spot
and begin the same process
Cast Out
Park your Bobber
wait patiently
 Bring them in

Field of View
 A pretty mushroom
 Floating Leaves

Practicing simplicity 
 and macro shots
 Came back later in the afternoon and brought Lucy along.
 Dogs must be on a leash which doesn't thrill her a lot.
This time a gull was my field of view.


turned around to find . . .
 Lucy had enough leash time and was going home to freedom
whether we joined her or not ;)
I give that day an A+


  1. Lovely series form a nice day outdoors :)

  2. it all looks like so much fun!

  3. What a wonderful day for all three of you...tho’ I think Lucy had had enough fun for one day. That shot is precious.

  4. I am scrolling through looking at Lucy, she is so beautiful driving


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