Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wishing Canadian Bloggers Happy Canada Day!

What better way to send wishes than sharing photos from your beautiful country, Canada.
The RG loves Lake Simcoe for ice fishing
and follows a message board from there year round.
These are from a fall vacation to Lake Simcoe a few years ago.
 Our guys coming in with a good catch.
 This is where we stayed, the Eagle's Nest.
I guess these would be called 'free range' bunnies

They were everywhere on the grounds around the cottages.
A fun stop while sight seeing.
Not sure why it says Maine????
More sight seeing.
 What a beautiful lake
 I guess I was birding even then.


First Flickers

Normally I try to keep the number of photos per post low.
But because I was so thrilled with these visitors
and their interaction, I got a little carried away.
I hope using collages will keep the post from dragging on.
This is a favorite
Either dancing a jig, or avoiding a messy step : )

I was snapping some usual shots of
the finches at the feeder and looked to my left
and there they were.
I'm pretty sure this was a mother daughter duo
out on a food finding tutorial.
It was certainly a first for me atMuldoon.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Not a Butterfly

Strolling around the yard; camera in hand;
searching elusive butterflies;
and found this fuzzy bundle


Coral Bell and Hosta blooms appear
to be the feast of choice right now.
 photo not enhanced - lovin' this camera

Archive Blues

Sharing archived photos on some Link Ups. They are from an excursion to Put-In-Bay, Ohio a few years ago.
"Stonehenge" said Blue Monday to me.
A mid-nineteenth century island house built circa 1855 for the Foster family. This dolomite and grout house is a rare stone version of the island's familiar L-shaped farm houses.
 Lots of blue from beginning to end.
 Do you spy the wringer washer?
 With blue being the predominant color, 
our friend, Norma fit right in.
Also notice our friend John's earphones for taking a taped tour.
 It wasn't near Christmas but the tree was a nice touch.
 It would have been 'grand' to play this piano.
 As a girl, I would have loved this room.
 Even a heated attic bath.
 Viewing these photos makes me want to go back.
There is so much to do and see.
A Fall tour would be nice.
Smiling Sally

Mosaic Monday 062915

The past week's
Butterflies, Skippers & Moths
Mosaic Monday

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend Butterfly - Pearly Eye

Pearly Eye
satyr butterfly, also called brown , a group of delicate butterflies in the family Nymphalidae  that are abundant during summer months in the woods and grasslands of the United States and Europe. Adult butterflies have brown wings with a span of 5 to 6 cm (2 to 2.4 inches) and conspicuous circular markings on them. These false “eyes” on the wings may serve to frighten or distract predatory birds.
Some of the best-known satyrs are pearly-eye butterflies. Northern pearly-eyes (E. anthedon) are found mainly in the northeastern region of the United States and in Canada, from central Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia.
Weekend Butterfly

Along a Rural Road

Cute little turkey poults

Nothing Ugly about Common

Taxi down the runway
 Ready for Take Off
The Common Whitetail is one of our most frequently seen dragonflies. It grows to about 1 3/4 inches long and has a stocky body. Males have a chalky white abdomen which makes them easy to identify. Males also have a broad, dark brown band in the center of each wing. 
Common Whitetails live just about anywhere there is water, including lakes, ponds, marshes, rivers, and streams. They occur in very large numbers at beaver ponds.
Common Whitetails are perchers, meaning they often rest on logs, rocks, low plant stems, or even on the ground. Males are very territorial, guarding an edge of water 50 to 100 feet long. They are constantly active, perching only a short time before continuing to patrol their turf.
Camera Critters

Friday, June 26, 2015

Skies over PNC PARK

Arrived early in the rain.
Rainy view 
Game delayed one hour but we have ponchos and will wait it out.
Just seeing this skyline makes it all worthwhile
What an added blessing.
Play Ball!!
and play, and play, and play.
Thirteen innings and past midnight.


Willy Nilly 062615

Here and There this week

1.  In light of all the rain
Trickling streams are making a statement.

2.  The dampness has brought these mushrooms.

3.  Excursions with family visiting from Arizona
took us to the Foxburg Wine Cellars and other fund stuff overlooking the Allegheny River.

4.  And more Family Fun despite the rain
complete with a rainbow.

5.  Now, back to normal 'atMuldoon'
(whatever that is)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fences on File

Since we are busy making memories with family this week, my fences are from an outing to Put In Bay, Ohio a few years ago.

Put-in-Bay is a village located on South Bass Island in Put-in-Bay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio, United States The bay played a significant role in the War of 1812 as the location of the squadron of U.S. naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry. The village is a popular summer resort and recreational destination. Ferry and airline services connect the community with Catawba Island, Kelleys Island, Port Clinton, and Sandusky, Ohio.