Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spied Him

Have been hearing a Mockingbird everyday
outside the business where I work.
Finally spied him
 on the tippy top of an electric utility pole.
Singing his heart out.
Joining Anni for The Bird D'Pot

I Spy

This barn doesn't fit my criteria as a unique barn
but it is special for one reason.
Can you spy the critter that make's it so?

 The RG travels this way from time to time
and told me to watch for this cutie.
He says it is in the same spot every time.
It was there in the morning when we drove by.
It was there in the afternoon when we returned home.
The angle of the photos is due to me snapping it
with the camera turned backwards out the window;
with the LCD screen rotated as we sped by.
So I was quite thrilled that I caught my subject.
~ ~ ~ ~  
Spied this fella or lady on my lunch break this week.
I'm calling it Punxsutawney Phil's kissin' cousin 'Chuck'.
since we are only a couple counties away
from the town of film fame - Ground Hog Day.
(the RG will not be happy to discover our new resident)

 ~ ~ ~ ~  
And a couple random captures.

 'Billie' attempting to blend in.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Time I Stuck My Foot

Most of my photos are taken outdoors; concentrating on nature.
For my first 'Stuck Foot' post I decided to share where it all comes together
So planted my foot in the center of 'my room' (as opposed to the RG's landing zone, the family room)
Direction #1 
From this direction you see a set of shelves that hold:
Family pieces
County histories - 1883 and 1927 for my family research
More history books including my parents high school yearbooks
My mother's sewing chair with a hidden drawer.
Direction 2 
This is the spot I stand at for what I call
Senior Exercise aka Wii Bowling ; )

Direction 3
The T.V. tuned to my favorite Major League Baseball channel
(had to wait awhile waiting for this screen :)

Direction #4
(had to really twist for this one)
The 'pulse' of my blogging (and where I telecommute from my job sometimes)
Note that the Stuck Foot blog is up on the screen
Do you see my 'Downton Abbey' bell on the wall?
That was fun
I'm linking with Loose and Leafy for July

Morning, Noon and Night

This Morning Glory continues to flourish.
(Notice Lucy on Chipmunk/Squirrel surveillance
and the reflection of her observation field.)
  Night (evening)
And the cycle begins again
 With a soft landing zone for a spent bloom from the night before.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Snapped this fence on a Sunday drive to Pymatuning State Park
when we stopped for lunch at a cafĂ© in Jamestown, PA.
The building could use some sprucing up but not bad for 1856.
 It appears to be serve several community purposes such as
selling Gelato on Sat. & Sun. and apparently hosts 'Ghost Getaways'.
That won't be on my bucket list.
 The wood trim around the windows are actually built-in shutters which unfold to allow for privacy.
To learn more about the history and features of the Gibson House (especially something about Mark Twain and his pajamas) go here:
Come on out from behind your fence and join Theresa at 
Run a Round Ranch for:

B is for

B is for Beetle
So beautiful; So destructive, Sigh

B is for Backyard Birds

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunrise thru Leaves

One day last week I spied the sun
shining through these maple leaves
and the shadows where they overlapped.
Tried a new online photo editing program.
Do you think the background is too busy
and takes away from the photos?
Is this better?
Now you'll want to head on over to Judith's Mosaic Monday
for more Collages.

Mosaic Monday