Friday, October 30, 2015

Saturday Critters 103115

Horrible, horrible photos taken on the fly and through the screen.
 But a critter is a critter.
And he was making off with my pretty acorn, tsk!
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Floral Confusion 103015

Another bush in second bloom.

Wearing its Fall colors next to a fresh bloom
that normally appears in Spring.
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Fences 102915

These are the fence photos from
our Saturday outing to the State Park.
Many of the leaves have fallen due to wind and rain.
 A bright stand of poison sumac.
 During the summer there are signs attached with info about
the wildlife in the area.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday 102815 and Wildbird Wed.

Wednesday the 28th would have been my Mother's 91st birthday so I thought I would share photos of her favorite son-in-law; or as she would fondly tell him 'he was her only son-in-law'.

It's post fishing tournament fishing season which now allows for my favorite kind of fishing - shore fishing. Much more calm and non competitive.

The sun rose on a cool October Saturday morning atMuldoon.

Off we went to the State Park with just enough breeze to be pleasant. Hoping for a good catch of panfish; perch, crappie and bluegill. They will be donated to a local American Legion for their upcoming Fish Fry.

Packin' a Rod n Reel
Tie the hook on securely.
Cast your line.
Bring them in.
While the RG practices his craft I wonder around
enjoying the field of view with my camera.
This is the waterfowl observation I often mention.
All decked out for Fall.
Time to head to another spot
and begin the same process
Cast Out
Park your Bobber
wait patiently
 Bring them in

Field of View
 A pretty mushroom
 Floating Leaves

Practicing simplicity 
 and macro shots
 Came back later in the afternoon and brought Lucy along.
 Dogs must be on a leash which doesn't thrill her a lot.
This time a gull was my field of view.


turned around to find . . .
 Lucy had enough leash time and was going home to freedom
whether we joined her or not ;)
I give that day an A+

Monday, October 26, 2015

Trees & Bushes 102715 - Tenacious Oak

Yet another Tree with years of tenacity
 in the face of adversity.
So many life lessons in Nature.

Our World Tuesday 102715 - Preserved Cemetery

When the State Park near Muldoon was being developed,
this cemetery was preserved rather than moved.

 One of the earliest families to settle in our county.



R.I.P. - Rest in Peace
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Weeds Can Be Pretty Too

Highlighting the beauty of a Milkweed Pod
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rainy Night - Shutter Speed

Recently I've been studying shutter speed.
And what goes better with that than catching light.
It was a rainy night so I turned the porch light on to have a look.
Lately photo ops pop out everywhere
and this spot lighted maple tree was no exception.

As the rain came down I began to experiment with the shutter speed resulting in this stream of rain in action.
As the rain came harder the show got better.

I included this one for the captured light, the rainfall
and the motion of the windmill.
Fun stuff.