Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fun Friday Favorites 112715

Always up for a new link-up
This is one I don't think I used.
The winter gathering place for our potted cactus.
This is always a favorite when it appears.
When my kids were small they called it
'the earthquake chick'
and claimed it would warn us of an earthquake
when it jiggled.
(all the more amusing since we are not prone to earthquakes in our area)
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Critters 112815

Thanksgiving Breakfast
Hairy Woodpecker and House Finch
part of the winter crowd atMuldoon
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve - Sunrise - Moonrise 112515

Travel at Sunrise

Moonrise on Thanksgiving Eve.


FENCES 112615

Happy Thanksgiving USA
Today I'm thankful for the surrounding countryside
with fields, fences, majestic trees and a rich heritage.
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Good Fences

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

signs, signs 112615

Happy USA Thankgiving!
These two signs should make all the turkeys happy.
'eat chicken'
'eat pork'
This 'mom n pop' is a thriving market across from the Fairgrounds.
Thus the name.
They also have a catering business 
and have become well known for pig roasts as well.
They started out with one roaster on a trailer several years ago
and are up to five or maybe more now.
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signs, signs

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Backyard Birds

These little finches come to feed 2-3 times a day.
Unlike the chick-a-dee or titmouse
who flit about from feeder to limb
these little ones perch and feast until their full
with little regard for humans in the area.
This day was just like that until . . .
it seemed to say
'what is that to the north?
I don't recall that little number being over there'

'Aha, a new eatery'
I bought this feeder in mid summer.
It was labeled as a peanut feeder.
So I filled it with bird peanuts and waited for it to be discovered.
Nada, nobody was interested.
So a couple weeks ago I emptied the peanuts
into the regular feeder.
Of course they were gobbled up over the next two days.
Today I had the thought to fill it with black sunflower seeds.
The rest of the story is history.
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Wordless 112415

The November sunrises through my field of view have been spectacular.
This is just one example.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Blue Mosaic Outdoors

The RG took these photos in 2013 
when he joined one of our sons in Hawaii.
It was to be our son's last long deployment of his 
Navy Air Wing career and he gifted his Dad passage with him from Honolulu to SanDiego on what is called a Tiger Cruise.

They were blessed to have time before the cruise to tour the islands.
The RG had only been in the airport enroute to Viet Nam 45 years before. And his father had been stationed there during WWII
so it was very special for him in many ways.

 Isn't the sky pretty in the last photo?
(or maybe I chose it for the special fella gazing across the beach ;)
He is back to civilian life after serving 
for twenty years and now enjoying daily life with his wife and son.

We are so thankful as a family for the memory this will always be.

Happy USA Thanksgiving to everyone stopping by.
And Happy Day to all.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015