Friday, December 4, 2015

A Dusting

A Dusting of Snow
the hint of a White Christmas?
Ice on pine needles--
can it hear the Christmas bells?
Can anything not?
---Alan Harris

The way a crow /
Shook down on me /
The dust of snow /
From a hemlock tree.
---Robert Frost

Christmas Reflection 120415

'Tis the Season

A purpose of Christmas
A time for Reflection.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Backyard Birds 120215

On Saturday Critters I mentioned the winter crowd was beginning  with the arrival of the woodpeckers and house finches.
The rest of the crowd is making its appearance too.

'Tis the Season for Red

My approach to Christmas decorating this year
is to grab a thing or two on each trip up from the basement
and plunk it down somewhere.
 I sat this sleigh down and
'boom' - a photo op.
(that happens a lot anymore ;)
First the reflection
Then the morning sun spotlight

This one said 'trees and bushes'
The palm tree is indoors for the winter
and seemed a good place for a live poinsettia

Added a Poinsettia to the cactus clan in the kitchen
and once again it said 'trees and bushes'.
Love the reflection of the poinsettia in the window
along with the trees outside.
About this time of year the RG and I usually play a game of gin rummy at this spot in the evening.