Sunday, January 10, 2016

Barn Along a Winding Country Road 011016

A barn appears below this oak as you approach one of many
 's' curves along this country road.
Around curve no 1
 This farm is rooted in my ancestry although not my direct line.
Approaching curve no 2

and . . . some blue for Sally.
I love cupolas
Around curve no. 2 and
 a little closer look at them with
their lightening rods and weathervane.
I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn
and do nothing.
- Johnny Carson

Joining Tom for:
The Barn Collective
and Sally for:
Blue Monday


  1. Great series of photos showing details! I like the star on the silo.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks Gayle for sharing your "barn on the curve" this week. I was first taken by that huge oak and I love cupolas also. Happy barn hunting and I hope to see you back soon.

  3. Oh, I like the fans in the windows. They add bling to the photo, I think. I also like the shape of the roof.

  4. Cupolas on barns add so much. I just love them and we do not see thievery often around here. I liked the star, too. Such a large farm operation with so many buildings in use. This was quite the find.

  5. Lovely barn - great views. I love your header too - and the quote is hilarious.

  6. The cupolas are really neat and I loved following you along as you got closer. Are you going to tell the family story of this beauty sometime?

  7. Always fun to see what around the corner. Like the star on the silo.

  8. Hello, wonderful barn, cupolas and great shots. I like the quote too. Enjoy your day!

  9. That tree is a nice one! And would love to see the barn in those cupolas.

  10. Poor Johnny Carson...he didn't even take advantage of the situation! lol

  11. Great photos Gayle. Lovely post. The Johnny Carson quote was fun. I haven't liked a late night show since he left, the greatest.
    Wishing you a great week,
    New blog addy :

  12. My favourite is at Curve No. 1. Great scene.

  13. Hi Gayle,

    What a special barn. I like those lightening rods of blue. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

    I'm never blue when contemplating Heaven.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  14. Love your photos...Happy Blues

  15. The first one is my favorite - so much to see here:) Have a happy week!


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