Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Owl I Can Say Is W-owl 011316

This was one of my biggest thrills since I ventured into this whole photography world.

Saturday afternoon the RG and Lucy headed to the state park for ride-around. 'Ring a Ling' and he says: "Get your camera. I'm coming back".

I scramble around and hoping I see no one, I'm ready and hop in the truck.

It seems as he entered the off ramp he spied this beauty in a tree and hoping it would stay made the call to me.

It stayed.
(nature whisperer that he is, the RG probably told it to stay put)

I feel doubly blessed to get these captures since
research says they are easily spooked. 

 and a nod perhaps saying "You're welcome"

Introduction: The Barred Owl is a medium-sized grey-brown owl with a large, rounded head with no ear-tufts, and streaked with white horizontal barring on the chest and vertical barring on the belly.
Description: The facial disc is pale greyish-brown with darker concentric lines. The rim is not very prominent. Eyes are dark brown to blackish-brown. The cere is pale horn, the bill pale yellowish with a slight greenish tint. The sides of the head and neck are barred light and dark. The upperparts are brown to greyish-brown, scalloped with whitish bars on the crown, back and mantle. Wing-coverts are spotted whitish. Flight feathers are barred whitish-buff and brown. The tail is brown or greyish-brown with 4-5 whitish bars.
Underparts are pale greyish-brown to dirty whitish. The upper breast and foreneck are densely barred light and dark. The rest of the underparts are boldly streaked dark to rufous-brown.
Tarsi are feathered, and toes are almost totally feathered, the bare parts being yellowish-grey. Claws are dark horn with blackish tips.
Size: Length 40-63 cm. Wingspan 96-125cm. Tail length 312-380mm. Weight 500-1050g. Females are normally larger and heavier than males.

Habits: A nocturnal bird. Hides in dense foliage during the day, usually high up. May also roost on a branch close to a broad tree-trunk, or in a natural tree hole.

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  1. How wonderful to see such an amazing bird! xx

  2. i love the barreds! we had a pair that nested across the pond and would hunt at dusk in the yard. then 2 years ago, they moved their nesting site. they're so cute. great shots!

  3. Fantastic shots!!! (And I'm still laughing about the "nod" photo.)

  4. I would have been beyond thrilled! Great photos.

  5. Magnificent bird - great captures. Your lucky day!

  6. Hello Gayle, awesome sighting and photos of the Barred Owl. It is a beauty! Enjoy your day!

  7. Gayle! This is just wonderful ... I would be ecstatic if I'd seen that beauty , and can't even imagine how happy I'd be to get such great pictures. Congratulations and thanks (Also, though I'm not sure what it says about my sense of humor, the post title was the best laugh I've had today ;))!

  8. Wonderfully exciting! I m so amazed he stayed put till you got there and got the photos...which are awesome, incidentally! Wow!

  9. what an amazing find....you are so lucky to have that man looking out for such wonders and letting you know.

  10. How fantastic. These are just wonderful.

  11. Precioso buho Gayle. has hecho unas fantásticas fotos .
    Buen lunes.
    Me llevo tu enlace;)
    Un beso.


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