Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bonus Appearance - Backyard Birds

Stepping out the door I hear the warning call of a woodpecker.
Looking up toward the sound I see a Redhead in the Norway Maple
and as I raise my camera he hops out of site. Typical right?
As I slowly step around to catch him, I see a great shadow shot.
He is still hidden at that point and apparently turning this way as that distorting the shadow.
So I just begin to snap away in hope of getting a nice capture of the shadow. But to no avail until . . .
BONUS - the shadow appears clearly and 'Red' makes an appearance along with it.



  1. love the red-bellies. nice shadow!

  2. Beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker - great shadow!

  3. Sigh, what a sight to see. Just beautiful. HAPPY GROUNDHOG's DAY!
    JM, Illinois

  4. I love it when your plans come together and you "get the shot!"


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