Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Outdoor Wednesday - Saturday's Drive Through Amish Country

So for Susan's Outdoor Wednesday, here we go . . .

These photos were taken while driving through Amish Country.
On typical Amish farms in our area.
the barns tend to be white
while red is often the color choice of
 the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Amish springhouse with windmill

Shocks of corn created by hand.

With our mild winter, laundry was drying outside in February.

Either a multi vehicle family
or something social going on this particular Saturday.

Amish schoolhouse and outdoor bathroom.

A buggy on the road; perhaps to the nearby village of Volant. 

This old mill is located in the village of Volant located in the heart of Amish country and houses crafts and antiques.
Several years ago (1970s & 80s) the village was developed as a tourist attraction. Most of the town homes, buildings and even railroad cars have become shops and are filled with handmade crafts, quilts and supplies, jams/jellies, furniture, fly fishing... you get the picture.
A wonderful place to spend the day if those are your interests.

For more about this village click here.

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