Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where to Begin; Wild Bird Wed 032316

Just spent five wonderful days in the sunny southwest
and got acquainted with some new birds.

Each morning I sat on our son's patio when the temps were mild
and these beauties would stop by.
 Gambel Quail

Great Tailed Grackle
Just as at home, these cousins of our common grackles 
had a lot to say.

Northern Mockingbird

This special little owl has adapted to the 'progress?' 
going on around him
He has made his underground home at the corner of a busy intersection of six lane highways.
Our son and grandson came upon him one day when riding bikes and now look for him when passing by.
Burrowing Owl
Unfortunately when the bull dozers come, these owls head underground rather than escaping to another location.
You can view an interesting video about one man's attempt to save them here.

And this was a duck at Lake Pleasant

I'm a little late while recovering from jet lag.
Lots more birds at:


  1. Am wondering if that Great Tailed Grackle is what we seen in California...I always have to look them up to compare the Great and the Boat tailed...the ones we seen were very, very vocal. Enough that I could see it driving a person crazy if you wanted peace and quiet.

  2. Hey I know these birds:) Great photos! Love the Lake Pleasant area!

  3. oh love that little burrowing owl! Iam new follower to your lovely blog.

  4. Wonderful photos - I really love the quail - I sure miss them since moving to Washington. Love the little owl.

  5. Hello!:) Wow! All fascinating birds especially the Burrowing owl, and quail. Great captures of all these new(for me) birds.


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