Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday's Hunt 040816

'O' - Favorite - Spring or Fall

  • 'O' - Observatory; Osprey
Can't wait 'til the re-constructed Observatory opens

to watch for my pal the Osprey.

  • Favorite

'Attached at the hip' as the saying goes

  • Spring or Fall

I chose Fall

This is a favorite photo of fall foliage at the state park.



  1. That is an adorable photo of the two sleeping on the sofa.

  2. The first one with all the shadows is particularly intriguing! Haha, I don't think anything or anybody can come between these two! The fall picture is very beautifu.! Have a great weekend and hop to see you at SEASONS between sun and Wed.:)

  3. Fall? I'm waiting for spring to get here.

  4. Aww...your favorite picture is great!!

  5. I like your favorites napping together!

  6. They osprey haven't gotten back here yet - I keep looking for them as that is when I know that spring is truly here for good.

  7. I love that Observatory....and like your fall foliage shot. Great title that Attached at the Hip shot...enjoyed your randoms above, also.

  8. Love the sunlight in that first shot. Beautiful. They guys do look quite comfy together. I guess that's what friends are for. Lovely fall scene. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. I do hope you have a good week.

  9. An Osprey is sitting on a nest in the industrial park not far from where I live. I drive by when over that way to check on it. They are beautiful birds. I love your favorite shot! That is so sweet. Nice shot from your state park, too. They are wonderful places to get away.


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