Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Love of Tapestry June 13 2016

...and a touch of Blue

This past week we ventured to the
'BIG' Friday Flea Market
at Rogers, Ohio
and I was pleased to add to my collection of
tapestry bags and boxes

I spied this vintage clutch bag
and then it was mine.

 The perfect size for a curling iron, combs and brushes to tuck inside one of my carry-ons.

And when not travelling it will rest here
to remind me of my grandmother
who also loved tapestry.


  1. Ohhh pretty. I have a tapestry chair in our living room - quite similar to your new purchase - just a bit more pink. What a lovely collection.

  2. a but too fancy for this guy

  3. I have a few vintage bags, but none are tapestry. You have a nice assortment.

  4. Hello Gayle, I too love anything tapistry. The purse is a good fine as well. The vases and the purse make a sweet vingette.
    Happy Blue Monday.


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