Thursday, October 6, 2016


for the area  

This is the gate at the 
Elk Country Visitor's Center
at Benezette, PA.

It truly is Elk country. So much so 
that this north central mountainous Pennsylvania county 
is named Elk County. 
These majestic animals roam around everywhere 
and I doubt there are very many gates or fences 
that keep them out.
They can be seen in early morning and evening 
just about anywhere. 
But it takes a little more roaming 
to find them during the day.

Joining Good Fences w/Theresa


  1. A great fence sharing today.

  2. Hello!:) A fitting, and nicely crafted gate for the Elk Country Visitor's Center, and a great find.

  3. Love that gate. Elk are magnificent creatures.


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