Saturday, March 26, 2016

Barns - Out and About

From the Files

Time to get out and look around again.

The Barn Collective w/Tom

Arizona Patio 2016

Patio Walls and Arizona Sunshine
provide lots of opportunity for shadow shots.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Mighty Mite Critter 032616

Meet Charley
Charley is our Arizona granddog.
He is a perky Chihuahua mix less than one year old 
with a sweet disposition;
but isn't afraid to hold his own and win the day when necessary.

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Blue Monday/Backyard Neighbor

Friday's Arizona Hunt 032516

M - Mountain
On our recent trip to the southwest I was amazed by the cactus covered mountains.
This is a peak in the White Tank Mountain Range

F - Favorite
As a twenty year veteran of the US NAVY we missed alot of birthday celebrations with our second son.
It was wonderful to be with he and his family for his 39th.
The group pictured are all part of the Little League crowd.
So my DIL had Jon's little league photo from the 1980s scanned on his cake.
Of course he is sporting his Pittsburgh Pirate hat and the cake is edged in Pirate Gold.

B - Bird
This Gambel Quail was a new siting for me while in Arizona.
I think it is elegant.

Friday's Hunt w/Teresa

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fun Friday Favourites 032516

Part of our recent trip to Arizona was 
to celebrate our son's birthday.
Their life right now centers around their son's 
little league games.
They had a birthday get together with several league families.
Such a nice crowd and we were blessed to be included.

So my DIL had our son's little league picture from the 80's
scanned on his birthday cake.
Of course I cried. Seems like yesterday.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Park Fence 032416

Baseball season is pretty much a year round sport in Arizona.
Ball park fences abound.

Peering through the fence at the Little League ball park
and I just might know #1 ;)

oops, edit to add this one after publishing

And then the moon began to rise through the fence.
 And still shining through at the end of the game.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Signs, Signs 032316

A couple signs from our trip to Arizona

Diamond Backs vs Reds
spring training

We took this tram down to the Docks at Lake Pleasant
and had lunch at the Scorpion Bay Marina Restaurant

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A Whole New World 032316

Just spent the last five days
surrounded by mountain ranges in the southwest.
The first photo is from our son's patio.
Mornings there were so peaceful
with several new birds (to me) stopping by.
you can see those on my post at Wild Bird Wed here.

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Where to Begin; Wild Bird Wed 032316

Just spent five wonderful days in the sunny southwest
and got acquainted with some new birds.

Each morning I sat on our son's patio when the temps were mild
and these beauties would stop by.
 Gambel Quail

Great Tailed Grackle
Just as at home, these cousins of our common grackles 
had a lot to say.

Northern Mockingbird

This special little owl has adapted to the 'progress?' 
going on around him
He has made his underground home at the corner of a busy intersection of six lane highways.
Our son and grandson came upon him one day when riding bikes and now look for him when passing by.
Burrowing Owl
Unfortunately when the bull dozers come, these owls head underground rather than escaping to another location.
You can view an interesting video about one man's attempt to save them here.

And this was a duck at Lake Pleasant

I'm a little late while recovering from jet lag.
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