Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hand In Hand

This week I'm combining a Barn and a Treasure
Just because they appeared hand in hand.
As it often does, a country ride led me to the geographic location of my ancestors in the hope that a clue would appear for what family researchers call a 'brick wall'. But I digress.

As I came over the brow of a hill this
thoroughly modern pristine barn appeared

in the company of this
not so new, nor pristine, van.
Seems this company has been around a long time.

My final question is
which came first; 
the bush or the vehicle?

Truck on over to:
both w/Tom

It's Here; It's Here

Spring has sprung atMuldoon

bringing several flowers for Today's Flowers

a few critters for Saturday Critters

and a couple of reflections for Week End Reflections

Pheasant Eye Daffodil - Tulips - Hyacinths
and a Bumble bee
PGM Bush
Trees, Sky and Stones reflected on the Garden Pond
and Gold Fish who survived the winter

Snow predicted for Saturday night
Say it isn't so, sigh

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Multiple Fences 033116

Fences abound at the local fair ground.

Lots of fences in the area of the horse barns.


Spring at our State Park 033016

Yesterday's outing to our local State Park.

PA Fish & Boat Commission celebrates
century and a half or conservation

 As one of the oldest state fish and wildlife agencies in the nation, 
the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission has a rich history 
of protecting and enhancing the state's 
rivers, lakes, streams and aquatic resources.
read more here.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arizona Palms 033016

Like the contrast of a black and white photo,
the contrast of  the trees between 
the southwest and the northeast of the USA
was impressionable; especially on Palm Sunday.


An Encounter 033016

Last week's Wild Bird post included this Burrowing Owl.

Last week's Saturday's Critters post included Charlie.

This week the two had an encounter
and it looks like it could have gotten ugly.
My son sent this picture when out for a walk.


Monday, March 28, 2016

So Much Beauty - 032916

From Bougainvillea in Arizona

to Easter Sunrise and
 a Spring Willow in Pennsylvania


Never Thought to Ask 032916

This frame, with its pressed botanical art,
sat on a shelf at my grandmother's 
for as long as I can remember. 
I never thought to ask her who made it; 
she or someone else? 
It is definitely something I could see her doing. 
So I will treasure it for a little longer.

It survived the move from her home to my parents
and came to me from my Mother.
I'm embarrassed to say I came across it 
in a plastic tub just this week-end.
I will do better.

Pressed flower craft consists of drying flower petals and leaves in a flower press to flatten and exclude light and moisture. Pressing flowers makes them appear flat, and often there is a change in color, ranging from faded colors to a greater intensity of vibrant colors. It has long been practiced as an art form in Japan, where it is known as Oshibana (押し花), and in China. Outside of Asia, the art gained popularity in England during the Victorian era and has experienced a revival in the last 30 years or so. It is currently used in the United States by some recognized artists including Cellestine Hannemann and Janie Gross, and in Australia.

Find a treasure trove at: