Saturday, April 9, 2016

Barns - Variety of Colors 041016

Nice with the windmill appearing.

Nice lines and like the second story vents.

Well maintained despite the traffic through the middle.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Saturday Critters 040916

Spring - a perpetual astonishment!


Friday 040816

Relaxed with a novel this week: 


The BUCS are off to a good start. Winning their season opener and making it a clean sweep three game series. 

Saw this fun metal sculpture of a large mouth bass 
at a sporting goods store.

Country singer, Merle Haggard died on his 79th birthday.

The RG and his long time fishing partner have joined a new tournament circuit this year. 
They will be fishing primarily lakes in eastern Ohio.
With the first one being this Sunday they may find this in the morning.

Joining three memes:

Friday's Hunt 040816

'O' - Favorite - Spring or Fall

  • 'O' - Observatory; Osprey
Can't wait 'til the re-constructed Observatory opens

to watch for my pal the Osprey.

  • Favorite

'Attached at the hip' as the saying goes

  • Spring or Fall

I chose Fall

This is a favorite photo of fall foliage at the state park.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Man's Best Friend 040616

Not many words needed; the photos speaks for themselves.

These were two of the photos I used as part of
a Photo Challenge for 
black and white photos-candid shots.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Outdoor Wednesday

Earlier last year this waterfowl observatory leaned forward
causing a gap between the path and the structure.
It was still accessible but a not a safe situation.
A few months ago it was demolished.

Recently reconstruction began
It is a popular spot for observation and photos.
I'm sure many park visitors will be pleased to find it restored.

I have found it a good place to spy ducks, geese, 
heron and dragon flies.
And maybe, just maybe, my pal, the osprey.

Observe more of the outdoors at:

Backyard Birds 040616

The recent return of snow brought the birds
back to the feeders.
American Goldfinch -  Beginning in September, they molt all of their feathers, ending up with a  pristine set of feathers (and drab colors). In the spring, the males  transform into bright yellow breeding plumage, but the wing and tail feathers remain from the previous fall. As these wing feathers get older the pale buff edges fade to white and disintegrate, so that by the end of the summer the wings look essentially all black. And in September another complete molt begins.
The red winged blackbirds seem to be here to stay.

More beautiful birds at:
Wild Bird Wednesday w/Stewart

Monday, April 4, 2016

Eager Beaver 040516

From the size of this hut
somebody's been a 'busy beaver'.


The habitat of the beaver is the riparian zone, inclusive of stream bed. The actions of beavers for hundreds of thousands of years  in the Northern Hemisphere have kept these watery systems healthy and in good repair, although a human observing all the downed trees might think that the beavers were doing just the opposite.
The beaver works as a keystone species in an ecosystem by creating wetlands that are used by many other species. Next to humans, no other extant animal appears to do more to shape its landscape. Beavers potentially even impact climate change.
Beavers fell trees for several reasons. They fell large mature trees, usually in strategic locations, to form the basis of a dam, but European beavers tend to use small diameter (<10 beavers="" cm="" especially="" fell="" food.="" for="" nbsp="" p="" purpose.="" second-growth="" small="" this="" trees="" young="">
Broadleaved trees re-grow as a coppice, providing easy-to-reach stems and leaves for food in subsequent years. Ponds created by beavers can also kill some tree species by drowning, but this creates standing dead wood, which is very important for a wide range of animals and plants. 


It's That Time of Year 040416


Sunday, April 3, 2016