Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Summer 060116

Memorial Day was sunny and bright atMuldoon 

For our little picnic on the porch

And with the blooming of the clover

The rabbits are foraging

 And the cat tails and water iris at the state park

are wearing their summer colors

Water World atMuldoon 01 Jun 2016

from all sides




A New Appreciation 01 Jun 2016

In the morning as I look out the kitchen window
I often think of colorful birds I would like to come along.

But today as I sat on the swing
this little one began to sing its heart out.

This guy, who is normally a bully,
was showing his curious side with intent.
(I relate to that)

And as this one contemplated a long drink of water,
its buddy swooped in giving me 
the chance to practice 'in flight'.

What more could I ask for on a 'hot' June day?

Kuosa 053116

Kousa Dogwood - a pretty specimen tree.
 The Latin root, spec- means "to look at." Consequently, a specimen plant is one you would single out in your landscape as being particularly worth looking at and thereby deserving of "center stage" in your yard.

This one in our yard doesn't stand alone but does stand out against the arborvitae.

Kousa Blossom


Monday, May 30, 2016

Treasure of the Times 053116

My Dad's US Army Uniform 
He served as a Technician in the Med Corp
Stationed in New Guinea during WWII

Just found this in the pocket today.
It was so like him to have kept a record for future reference.


Decoration Day Greetings 053016


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday's Hunt 052716

Violet: not the flower, the Color

One of many. The choices are abundant in the month of May.

A red sunset and as predicted 
the weather the next day was a sailor's delight.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Surprise Results

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are back atMuldoon
and recently one evening at dusk I was trying to capture them.
Due to the low light I was attempting to use manual settings.

When I brought this one up I was taken with the outcome
and love the color from the azalea reflecting on the bird.
(even though the 'subject' almost didn't make the shot)
I didn't apply any photo editing after the fact.

Then I created a Tag using Microsoft WORD
I have a lot to learn and was really pleased with this outcome.

Joining for the first time:

Entertaining Bird Week 052516

Papa on the lookout
Mama guards the nest
The cycle continues 
for the Red-Winged Blackbird.
Love how the nests are built on stilts above the water.

Welcomed the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds back this week.

POOL OPEN for the Summer
 It's been a perfect week for back yard bird watching


Monday, May 23, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures 052416

Treasures in the Rain


Sunshine and Shadows 052416

Something about the sunshine and shadows 
through the leaves of our Japanese Maple
always seems to say 
"Good Morning. 
Why not start the day with some time on the swing
watching and listening to the birds?"

Trees give peace to the soul.