Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week End Reflection Partially Unexpected - 18 June 2016

After reading a few tutorials on creating reflection photos
naturally I sought out my favorite critter, Lucy.

Here she is looking out with what she sees
reflected in the window.

On the other hand, I was not expecting this 'critter'
when capturing the reflection in our garden pond bubbles.
(an unintentional 'selfie')


Friday, June 17, 2016

'Y' Not Join Friday's Hunt - 17 June 2016

Friday's Hunt:
  • 'Y'
  • Week'sFavorite
  • In my shoes

Red-bud Tree atMuldoon

'Week's Favorite'
It was a good photo week. Hard to choose.
The diagonal ray of sunlight won the day.

'In My Shoes'
Sigh, not dress-up again.
(such a look of long suffering)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Outstanding or Standing Out? 16 June 2016

Not an outstanding fence but it appeared 
over the edge of the rolling terrain in the distance
and stayed in view as we wound around an 'S' curve.
On the other hand, it does stand out 
in the midst of all the green.

Floral Black and Whites 061516

Sweetbay Magnolia


Gerber Daisy

Potato Plant Blossom

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Little Kayak-er 15 Jun 2016

Watching for red-winged black birds
and this pair glided by my field of view
 - nice

Who Knew . . . 15 Jun 2016

it could be so easy.
All it took was a little
raspberry jam

and a little after dinner drink


The Davis Hollow Cabin 14 June 2016

Davis Hollow Cabin

The Davis Hollow Cabin is one of two historic facilities along the North Country Trail. Volunteers manage and maintain the cabin, devoting their time and energy in order to preserve the cabin’s history for future generations to enjoy.  

Construction began on the cabin before the start of the American Revolution. The hand-hewn logs and hand-carved stone are superb examples of pioneer construction. Located behind the Davis Hollow Marina at present-day Moraine State Park, the cabin served as a summer home for Mrs. Katherine Davis and her sister, Miss Eleanor Holt, before the park’s development. Today, the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) leases the cabin from the park.

Sharing a local treasure from all sides and angles.

Always in love with stone chimneys

 Got a good look at the hand hewn Logs as we climbed to the back.

And found an inviting back porch

Shuttered windows - winters can be harsh in the hollow. 

And unique shutter hooks

We will be going back someday with a picnic basket in hand

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Love of Tapestry June 13 2016

...and a touch of Blue

This past week we ventured to the
'BIG' Friday Flea Market
at Rogers, Ohio
and I was pleased to add to my collection of
tapestry bags and boxes

I spied this vintage clutch bag
and then it was mine.

 The perfect size for a curling iron, combs and brushes to tuck inside one of my carry-ons.

And when not travelling it will rest here
to remind me of my grandmother
who also loved tapestry.

Spring to Summer June 12 2016

The month of June ushers in Summer atMuldoon
and we find ourselves staying more 'local' these days.

The native Rhododendron protect their blooms
until late, late spring in western P. A. 

New life appears in place of that which has passed.

The late setting sun slices in from the northwest.

And the early morning sun has almost reached its peak.
Shining through the flowers and bushes from the northeast. 

Yep, June is busting out all over atMuldoon
and the RG (retired gardener) and I are enjoying 
the 'simple pleasures' of this 'season' of our lives.
We spent a lovely few days this past week
clearing out the spring perennial left-overs
and planting, the soon to be beautiful, annuals.