Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lakeside Critters Plus One 25 June 2016

A few critters from my field of view this week

Hen Turkey - Anyone who has ever taken a group of children anywhere understands the little guy in the back. There's always one.

 Rabbits have such alert eyes.

Great Blue Heron and its breakfast. The whole process was fascinating from the posture of the hunt to the after meal drink of water.

Green Heron - a first sighting for me.

Lucy - new real estate. There was a threat of rain so I dragged the cushions in. Next thing I knew . . .

Friday, June 24, 2016

Flowers this Week 24 June 2016

Flowers from here and there this week

Butterfly Milkweed

Yucca Plant

Wildflowers at the state park

Elderberry bush at the state park

Morning Glory

Chicory at the state park

Friday Leftovers - 24 June 2016

A few photos for Friday from the files

Nobody home

A few showers this week - Trees and Flowers refreshed

A little fun with still life - Seafood?

Early morning sky at the state park

Reflection while fishing

Elderberry bush in bloom at the state park

'Z' What's Next? - 24 June 2016

Friday's Hunt
  • 'Z'
  • Week's Favorite
  • Today
An easy access spot appreciated by many at the state park
(do you see the Z ?)

'Week's Favorite'
Perfect lighting, and the 'catching' was easy 
early one day this week.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Unexpected 23 June 2016

Ventures: an undertaking involving uncertainty of the outcome.

We were returning from our early morning jaunt to the lake.
(for a half hour or so, the RG casts his line along the shore.
I wander around with my camera.)

As we approached our driveway, the RG stopped on the road. 
Right to our left, 
were a white-tailed doe and her fawn.

She took a long look at our big red truck
and then slowly moved forward behind some pine trees.

We drove slowly past our house knowing 
she would appear a little further up the road.

We weren't disappointed. There she was prancing along.
And wouldn't you just know . . .
the scene was complete with 'a fence'.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lakeside Landscapes 22 June 2016

An early morning jaunt to the state park

 A beautiful way to start the day.

The Days of Their Youth - 22 June 2016

Keeping track of the nesting red-winged blackbirds
at the state park has been a simple pleasure this spring.

Now summer is here and the youth are out;
spreading their wings in the early morning.

Learning to be watchful. 

Things Are Looking Up - 21 June 2016

The River Birch Tree atMuldoon
The river birch tree often is used for landscaping due to its graceful drooping limbs and attractive color. 
When he once spotted it on a tour of the United States, 
Prince Maximilian of Austria called it the most beautiful of trees.

Joining Trees and Bushes

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Touch of Blue 20 June 2016

Thrifty Finds With A Touch of Blue this week

This is the color palette, taupe, blue and white,
 for a bedroom I'm sprucing up.
This photo was taken at an angle to cut down on glare and reflection.
It's not hanging that crooked :/