Saturday, July 23, 2016

Floral Collage - Indian Paintbrush

Fun with Collages

Species/genus: Castilleja wightii, Castilleja affinis ssp. affinis-- Family: Scrophulariaceae-- Common name: Indian paintbrush-- Description: Indian paintbrush belongs to a group of perennial herbs native to North and South America.

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Be Still and Know . . .

Random Critters from the Week

Birds first


Song Sparrow?
A little blurry but
I need help with identity 

Moths and Butterfly s 

And . . .
When looking up for birds I didn't expect this.

nesting on high tension wires. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Lakeside Reflections

A reflected water drop on its beak

Green Heron
eyeing up breakfast

Am I seeing double.
Or would that be quadruple?

A favorite willow tree

The willow framing the far shore reflection.

Mallow at Lakeside

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Bit Miffed

This Belted Kingfisher was a bit miffed
at an intruding Green Heron.

Megaceryle alcyon

Streams, lakes, bays, coasts; nests in banks. During winter and migration, may be found in almost any waterside habitat, including the edges of small streams and ponds, large rivers and lakes, marshes, estuaries, and rocky coastlines; seems to require only clear water for fishing. During breeding season, more restricted to areas with suitable dirt banks for nesting holes.

Lakeside Reflections

Early morning
Simple pleasure

this is the day the Lord hath made
let us rejoice and be glad in it


Rain is needed

We are starting to see evidence of much needed rain

Our fringe tree is one example.
It's feathering blooms are long gone
and it's leaves are beginning to shrivel and dry.

We recently had a strong breeze and many of the trees were dropping leaves. 
It looked like fall for a few minutes 
as the hoped for a storm passed right by.