Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Mix

One never knows . . .
Apparently the RG thought this 
would make a clever windmill.
(I'm told it's a 'buzz bait')
Also notice the tiny red bud to the right.
Is it a bit early?

A first for me
The RG knew I would want a photo.
Praying Mantis ootheca or egg sack

Inaugaration Day 2017
"fear not tomorrow; God is already there"



  1. I have never seen an egg sack for a praying mantis and did not even know that they existed. Wow

  2. Very interesting pics. I've never seen either before. You are so right. God is already there.

  3. Interesting pictures...and YES! God IS already there...and we are so thankful to know He holds our future in His hands. Such a beautiful day today.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your photos today. Glad God is already there making a way for us!

  5. I love your thought that God is already there. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Love your photos.

  6. I knew what that buzz bait was...hubby used to get the living rubber and make them. And sold some.


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