Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Playing in the Water

What genre of photography are you drawn to?

While I find inspiration in them all, 
I tend to lean toward Macro & Close-ups.
They may be separate categories 
but with today's photo editing
they tend to 'crop' up together.

A few of my still lifes using the element of water.
Cropped for Close-up

Water World Wednesday


  1. what you did today is what I love the most. just a simple pitcher of water to me is ART.. I love all things macro...

  2. That's an interesting question and it's not macro for me as that aspect needs a lot of work. One thing I do constantly is take photos of nature, wildlife and never of people. This is will be a project for my photography this year, to include people.
    Your capture of water droplets is well done, love the last photo.

  3. Love your water pictures...very well done. I enjoy all nature photos, but also include people. My life revolves around people, so why not include them? I don't know how to do macros. Not even sure my camera can do it. I take pictures to share what I believe God is revealing through His world...there is SO much out there!!!!

  4. You're macro/close-up photography is amazing.


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