Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Not Snow . . .

and it's not paint.

It's the result of the paint being assaulted with
road salt and chemicals used for 
melting ice and snow on the highways.
Is it any wonder 
the bodies of our vehicles don't last in this area?
The price we pay for having clear roads.

Yet we can't complain since it allows
emergency vehicles to navigate
as well as dedicated employees going
to and from work.



  1. Same salt here... but it is needed. Looking at the scene, winter is over?

  2. the mailbox is actually attractive, but I am sure salt on cars is not at all. Bob has told me many times of what the salt did to his vehicles in PA

  3. We have issues here, but nothing like this. Salt will definitely ruin your car.

  4. I guess we can't have it both ways.Those roads need to stay passable.


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