Sunday, February 26, 2017

Resting My Eyes

Lately I've been absorbed by my other hobby, genealogy.
One morning earlier this week as I turned my head
away from the computer screen in an attempt to rest my eyes,
 I caught the warmth of the morning sunlight.



  1. amazing view from your computer. I love it when the sun paints inside my house like this. I have camera ready for when it points out something new. I am doing ok with my goals, but the past two days were a struggle to eat healthy. I did it but did not like it. my weight loss was big because I am big and when I cut down it dropped, but now I am at the plateau that happens and waiting for it to break. I am trying to train myself to just eat what I should and not think of it as a diet. that is really hard..

  2. That golden glow is so warm and refreshing.


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