Friday, November 9, 2018

Commandeered Camera . . .

and a few of my own.

The RG took this.
Would it be considered a 'selfie' ?

And a geranium he saved 
before the frost.

Haven't been seeing the Mourning Doves lately.
This beauty stopped by this week.

Frost if fun to foto.

And this morning's surprise!

Joining Willy Nilly


  1. YES it is a selfie and I love it.... that is a lot of HEAVY frost. wow. I have not seen that kind of frost in about 35 years.. I think the last one I saw was 1983.

  2. Lovely pictures.The dusting of snow adds a nice touch.

  3. First picture is COOL! Oh, there is snow! Here is grey and rainy;-(

  4. Lovely photos! Wonderful mourning dove!

  5. Hello, love the sweet dove. That is a different selfie shot. I am glad the flower was saved. Happy weekend to you!

  6. Lovely shots. The dove was especially nice and I also liked the frost shot.


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