Sunday, June 5, 2011


Am I the only one? Do they appear in you mind in color? Sometimes my mind's eye sees a word in living color. Majesty is BLUE.
Majesty is an English word derived ultimately from the Latin maiestas, meaning "greatness".
To be respected above everything else.
The sovereignty and power of God.

And when I think of Majesty I think of tall trees reaching to the majestic blue sky. So today I share with you a few of the trees in our yard reaching---
the mighty Pin Oak
the Blue Spruce - protector from the wind
the White Birch - slim but sturdy
the Sweet Gum - I love their star shaped leaves
the Japanese Maple - and love the added dimension of it's color
the solid Norway Maple - probably the oldest in our yard where we sit in the shade
and of course the Majestic Blue sky

Today I will worship His Majesty.

Joining Sally and all the others at Blue Monday. Stop on by

Take Care,

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