Tuesday, June 7, 2011

where they landed

You may recall my flea market finds of last Sunday. Here is where some of them landed outdoors.

These pillows and mat didn't venture very far

and neither did the baskets
Now the search is on for some vintage garden tools to go inside.

And the colors in the sign "grow where you're planted" look like they aged with
this bench and were always a part of it.

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Take Care

Monday, June 6, 2011

Living a Simple Life Being Thrifty

In a nutshell, for me being thrifty means:

2.Living within my means
3.Not wasting

Today I'm sharing my nifty thrifty finds of this past Sunday and a couple more thrown in.
Inspite of gray skies, high humidity and a threat of showers off the RG (retired gardener) and I went to the local flea market. And here is what I gathered  for a total of less than $10.00.

This is probably my favorite thing. It's a nice heavy metal and I have a color scheme in mind for painting so it will probaly be a show and tell at some point. Not sure where it will go or what it will hold but I just love it. Suggestions????
Isn't this the prettiest plate? Originally bought it for under a flowerpot but now I can't bring myself to hide it there. Will probably use it to cheer up a sandwich at lunch from time to time.
(it appears larger in the photo)
These baskets nest inside one another and have already made their home on the side porch.
I've been on a white pitcher search lately. One has been added to the bathroom and the other in the bedroom.
These two wooden signs will go outside. Not sure where just yet. Will have to do some walking around first.
 Although I kind of like where this one is resting right now.
And these are two previous finds.
 This handsome guy with his foot raised to strut is on the a wall in the kitchen.
Note the lovely Sarah Bernstein peony blooming. I just love peonies. 
and the RG found this versatile stand at the end of a driveway marked 'take me I'm free'.
Wouldn't you know he would be more thrifty than me, sigh.
Today I will live a simple life that reflects good stewardship of the resources God has given me.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Am I the only one? Do they appear in you mind in color? Sometimes my mind's eye sees a word in living color. Majesty is BLUE.
Majesty is an English word derived ultimately from the Latin maiestas, meaning "greatness".
To be respected above everything else.
The sovereignty and power of God.

And when I think of Majesty I think of tall trees reaching to the majestic blue sky. So today I share with you a few of the trees in our yard reaching---
the mighty Pin Oak
the Blue Spruce - protector from the wind
the White Birch - slim but sturdy
the Sweet Gum - I love their star shaped leaves
the Japanese Maple - and love the added dimension of it's color
the solid Norway Maple - probably the oldest in our yard where we sit in the shade
and of course the Majestic Blue sky

Today I will worship His Majesty.

Joining Sally and all the others at Blue Monday. Stop on by

Take Care,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fearless Friday

Today I will look about me and know His peace. Won't you join me?

Isaiah 41:10 encourages, "do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God."

I've always been a 'worry wart'. Did these pinks worry about blooming this year?

I give up easily to my anxiety. The original plants of this coral bell came from at least 3 generations before me back to my great grandmother. They have endured all anxieties.
I bend easily to seeds of doubt. This peony bends under the weight of its flower but never gives up its sweetness.

I let negative thoughts pop into my mind and take root at the drop of a hat. These poppies simply wave too and fro in the comfort of the breeze.

May the peace that passes all understanding be in our hearts today.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too damaged to use; too nice to dispose of

This past week-end while 'outdoor homemaking' two new items made there way into the garden. A favorite wicker rocker that 'let go' in the seat area and a fresh pine mushroom (more about that later).

So I'm asking all of you "Outdoor Wednesday' participants at Susan's "Southern Daydreamer" for your suggestions to enhance my new garden additions.

And now the saga that brought about the pine mushroom keepsake.

This is what appeared before my eyes as I drove up to our home last Thursday. The sun was shining brightly without a hint of the very ugly storm that proceeded.

Thirty+ years to become a gentle giant and less than 5 minutes to come down. Its twin was also uprooted enough that it had to come down too.

And so after many hours in very hot temps they are gone. But there is good in everything bad. The scent of pine wafting around our little acre for a few days was pleasant and the resulting open area didn't turn out to be quite as disconcerting as I thought it might.

Life goes on and our loss doesn't even compare to the devastation others have experienced in recent months. May they be blessed with a new beginning and continued hope.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

Home Office View

Today I am feeling blessed to have progressive and forward looking employers. Several months ago I presented the idea of working part of my week from home. They were open to the idea and we worked out a plan that works well.

Last night I re-arranged my home office and only this morning realized what a wonderful view I now have. I only wish the photo could convey the birdsong and sound of the waterfall at the pond.

Care to share your home office? I'm always looking for ideas for combining decorating with function.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Should Be Interesting

Finding I don't quite remember how to do this. But I have been peeking in to many of your blogs and remembering what a peaceful thing that can be to do. And since this is a week-end for remembering those who have served our country I'll just get re-started by sharing my outdoor patriotic doo dads.