Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Struggles to Appear

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I heard a rumor that it was Spring
But no evidence to be found.
I checked the calendar
and sure enough the first day of Spring had come and gone.
Well at least I had some reminders around the house
lest I should forget what Spring was all about

There was a lovely Lily
And the late afternoon light reflecting on these pieces
was encouraging with a promise of warm temps
And I was sure I had heard ducks and geese
but it couldn't have been these.
 So I ventured outside and this wreath was lovely 
but the ground was white.

And the . . . this week the temps rose above 40
and hope returned when I spied this brave soul

and these daffodils ready to burst forth

even a few tiny hyacinths were getting brave
on the south side of our home
I guess the calendar was right after all.
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