Monday, April 17, 2017

April Lives Up To Her Reputation

Beauty After the Showers

Not snow; not blossoms;
but rain jewels

♫Though April Showers
may come your way♫

♫they bring the flowers
that bloom in May♫

or sooner.



  1. Nice photos of April showers... but all I can think of is Gene Kelly.

  2. ...thanks Gayle for this snappy tune and colorful fotos this morning. Enjoy spring and hop back with more!

  3. April has deserted us, alas we have no rain jewels and yours are beautiful. the whole state of FL is in drought, they are warning about fires and us running out of water and to conserve...

  4. You have captured the beauty of blossoms and raindrops so well. Amazing photos.

  5. Please send them our way!!! We need some April showers really soon!! Beautiful pictures!!!

  6. We are finally blooming here in Boston! Gorgeous blooms.


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