Friday, April 21, 2017

Five From Muldoon

#1 - The Great Escape
A silly chick-a-dee squeezed into the wren house
and then couldn't make an exit.
The RG to the rescue. I hoped to catch a photo on it's way out
but it was in a bit of hurry.

#2 - A great example of nature blending in.

#3 - A great year for Tulips.

#4 - A Great tug of war.
It was back and forth for a while but guess who won?

#5 - A great neighbor
This is Sallie coming for a visit. 
She got bumped by a car last year and is now a little crippled up. 
But she still gets out and about and stops by for a petting session.



  1. That visiting pup looks like a Great Neighbor, indeed.
    I enjoy your chick-a-dee hurried humor . . .
    Hope your Weekend is Fabulous!

  2. I can't pick a favorite because I love them ALL Kudos for rescuing the little silly bird.. wish I could hug the pup

  3. ...getting in to things is often easier than getting out of them. Fungus amungus. Great shot. Life is a tug of war. Keep putting one paw in front of the other.

    1. It seems the moth's attempt to camo itself on the porch post worked well.

  4. Love your neighbor pup. I smiled at the tug of war the story of the chick-a-dee. I love tulips. Happy Friday!

  5. Love the pictures. I have never heard of a bird getting stuck in a bird house.

  6. We had been watching it attempt to get in but fail. Later noticed it popping its head out over and over. By standing under the wren house we could see it straining to get out. The good news is the little wren appeared today and is checking out the real estate.

  7. Lovely fives this week, Gayle. But, then you always do have nice ones. Looking forward to the next batch.

  8. A chickadee rescue? That's a new one on me.


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