Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Term Fall Splendor . . .

comes to mind.
My oh so favorite
Japanese Maple  
This 'fall' occurred
in one hour's time
after this morning's frost.

This is the true color of these leaves in fall
(no editing)
after being a deep burgundy all summer.

a little brighter sunlight on this one.

The RG planted this tree
thirty years ago when
I was in cardiac care.

I am thankful for all the seasons of life
I have been blessed with since then.



  1. WOW!! Those leaves are spectacular.

  2. Hello, the red maples are so pretty. Even the ground covered with the red leaves is pretty. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wow! That is one gorgeous tree, and to know it was planted with love while you were being cared for so carefully...what a blessing that it has grown and prospered and flourished all these years to give you such joy!! Thank you for sharing it with us. That is a blessing today!

  4. they are amazing, I have never seen leaves this color. I love the photo of them in then in the trunk of the tree crevice. stunning colors

  5. They are a delightful shade. We have them here too.


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