Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Seeking Balance - Day 3

Going into Day three of my Advent challenge and it has become obvious that the process I am using is in fact undermining my quest to simplify my Advent season by attempting to create a page update plus a daily post. The page tab at the top of my blog will now be an archive of the daily Advent posts.

Advent Word and Photo Challenge

Week one - Day 3 - 'find favor'
     How does your home environment illustrate the favor God has shown you, both in terms of blessing and of responsibility?

There is no question that God has  'favored' me in terms of my home and its location. A modest dwelling in a quiet neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another.

In terms of my own responsibility, Proverbs 31 comes immediately to mind. It's an ongoing process with room for improvement but as I look around I see evidence that it is the desire of my heart to watch over the affairs of my household and I love (almost) every minute of it.

Would I 'find favor' in God's sight in this area? I think so. (leaving more time for Him to correct and admonish my other short comings) Praise Him for his mercy and long suffering.

Proverbs 31 Home Tour:
 planning; organization; attention to financing and spending; feeding and clothing my family

Merry Christmas


  1. I do all the things listed in your home tour, but does not dusting count against ME??

    1. Years ago I read in a book by a professional cleaner that a little dust never hurt anybody so you are off the hook. Those with allergies may disagree, with reason, to his philosophy but I believe he meant it in the context of not obsessing.


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