Monday, May 22, 2017

Keeping My Mind Active

Join Toni for Monday Meme Here and start your day with a little 'mind exercise'.

Here's My List:

Referral - Letter
Stressed - Out
Apply - Here
Inched - Along
Zipper - Foot
Plaid - Skirt
Issues - At hand
Orange - Marmalade
Cream - Corn
Finish - Line


  1. Hi Gayle, Enjoyed reading your answers to the meme. Your marmalade and cinnamon toast looks delicious, that and a cup of coffee would make my day. :) Have a day of blessings.

  2. oh youm on your toast and marlade and I am playing Words with friends, to keep my mind working...

  3. Hello Gayle, found you through Toni's blog!
    I enjoyed reading your answers.
    That looks like a delicious way to have a snack!


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