Friday, May 5, 2017

Monday thru Friday . .

never a dull moment.

Random #1
The week started with a bang when we experienced the first official tornado of the season.
You know its nasty when the rain appears in the photo without adjusting the shutter speed.

Random #2
The neighbor's concord grapes appear promising 

Random #3
The RG announced he was hearing a Baltimore Oriole
So I quickly brought out the grape jelly
It didn't take long

  Random #4
This is the tail end of a herd crossing the road ahead
Not sure if it was planned or not.

Random #5
I wound up the week with a
family research day at the courthouse 
in a neighboring county.

ending the week by
Celebrating our 44th anniversary 
on this Cinco De Mayo 2017


  1. Happy anniversary and I'm so glad you're safe from that bad weather period ABC show the whole lot of damage and a whole lot of places just from yesterday and last night. It came past us but we only got an eighth of an inch and rained for two minutes and stopped so we are still in drought. I do love concord grapes and glad they're ok too

  2. Oh, happy, happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 40th a couple of weeks ago. What great fotos you've shared to day. But, very scary. The wind is the one type of weather that scares me the most! HOPE you have a great anniversary celebration...and thank you soooo much for linking up with me today!

  3. Great job on your random sights.

  4. tornados, nice shot, another nice shot, I don't cattle crossing much these days, nice penmanship, we've got a few years of you.

  5. Happy 44th anniversary! (Mine is in June). I don't think I've ever seen a Concord Grape flower. Pretty! Alana

  6. Oh such lovely pictures. I enjoyed them so much! That Baltimore Oriole is gorgeous! We don't see them here in least I don't think I ever have. Love the cows..and a Concord Grape flower! That's something I've never seen. Our wild grapevines are starting to flower also, but very tiny little buds.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Love the Oriole... watch a catch! I don't like tornado season .. but then no one does (except maybe the t-hunters). Grapes, a few cows and some research. Sounds like a good week to me! Happy Friday.

  8. Happy anniversary! I had no idea you could attract specific birds with jelly! The things I learn :) All your photos are lovely to see.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Hope your day yesterday was fabulous - by the way, love your oriole and cows

  10. Great Randoms. - Wow a Tornado that is scary. - The Grape bloom is really pretty. How neat to Have the Orioles visit, we don't have them here where I live. Nice shot of the cows crossing the road. - Happy Anniversary & many more.

  11. Oh, hope you had a Happy 44th! Great photos, and scary about the tornado. One night last week or the week before, for the first time ever I seriously considered going to the basement. But then it passed before I could make up my mind to do it. It was strange.

  12. interesting stuff you share. And lots of rain in that shot. :)


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