Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Not Just Kansas . .

Tornadoes historically have been recorded in Pennsylvania in every month of the year, but they peak in May, June and July. Since 1888, there have been 139 in May, 175 in June and 171 in July.

It didn't take long with our first warning on May 1.

Only one small power line closed our main access road for several hours. The power companies had bigger fish to fry in other areas. Damage was quite extensive in our county with close to 8,000 customers out of power. 
The RG took his turn - 'neighbor helping neighbor'.

Pictorial Tuesday


  1. glad you are safe.. loss of power is bad all by itself without damage

  2. Stay safe. Our plague here is high water levels... but I am staying dry.

  3. Storms can cause so much damage.

  4. Wow. So glad you are safe. Yes, these storms can hit anywhere...not just in Kansas and Texas, and OKLA., We always need to be diligent and ready for action...and thankful for God's protection.

  5. Never knew you guys over there had that many. We've had some in Ohio but not sure how many, but don't think that many. Stay safe and enjoy your Spring and Summer. Will say prayers they stay away this year.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  6. I'm thankful no one was harmed! I'm also thankful to not live in tornado country!


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