Wednesday, May 3, 2017

An Age Old Question . . .

weed or flower?

These wild Violets have invaded our lawn.
But I don't mind when they appear among the perennials
and add contrast with the prolific Lily of the Valley
which have now leaped into the lawn too.

Adam and Eve would have the answer to the question.



  1. A perfect touch to your other flowers.I would love having the violets grow in my yard. Thanks for visiting as well.

  2. I love wild flowers and I love weed flowers even more than cultivated flowers. I much prefer them over roses

  3. A weed is simply a wildflower that is growing where you don't want it to. That's my opinion. These are very sweet.

  4. I definitely consider them a flower...their flowers are beautiful and I love the leaves, too.

  5. Violets are so pretty when they are blooming and can be wonderful ground cover for places that are difficult to grow anything else. I love their color!

  6. I guess a weed is anything growing where it is not wanted. I'm sure the botanists have a much more refined definition!


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