Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yes Virginia . . .

These two wildflowers were a familiar sight along the path through the woods to our one room schoolhouse.

Pennsylvania's official Wildflower

And the May apple

May apple blossoms and apples that follow
hide below their own 'umbrella' of leaves.

Yes Virginia, a mile and half though the woods
everyday rain or shine.
One teacher and six grades.
(seems like a lifetime ago. Oh wait, it was)



  1. Oh, what a wonderful education you must have received! What a blessing! (Were you Amish by any chance?) I didn't know there were any one room school houses left in the country except for the Amish. I often wish our children could be taught that way again. What a difference that could make in the lives of so many children. Loved the flowers. I've always heard of those, but don't have them here in Florida. I know we had them in PA when I was a little girl, but I was too young to remember. We left when I was 5.

  2. Both the wild flowers are lovely in light pink and yellow. Have a beautiful day!

  3. beautiful blooms and I also walked through snow and ice and over the top of a mountain to get to school, a long time ago

  4. I love seeing both of these flowers.

  5. We had flowers on our way to school too---only different ones. Sometimes teacher got a flower on her desk.

  6. Both flowers are beautiful. I attended a school 2 miles from my home, but my parents drove me to school.We had Kindergarten-Grade 8 in one small room.Interesting times.

  7. Such beautiful wildflowers. I remember seeing trillium and May apple on our farm so many years ago. Nice to see them again.

  8. The White Trillium became the Province Of Ontario’s official flower in 1937.

  9. I can relate to those school days. Several grades in one room and no cooling system. Regardless, we can always stop and enjoy the flowers.


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